Plain Green Loans

Plain Green provides quick loans to clients sufficient for their immediate needs. The service is extremely quick and delivers requested funds directly to borrower’s account. Plain Green Loans is generally approached by people who come across situations where they need to make payments within a day or two, but do not have the cash at hand just then.

Such loans are not governed by state laws and instead work in compliance with the rules of Chippewa Cree Tribe settled in the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation.

Applying for a Loan:

In order to receive a loan, it is necessary to submit an application regarding the requirements. The form can be filled up within a few minutes. The borrower needs to provide name, Email address, Social Security Number, Date of Birth and State. Since SSN is issued to American-born people, thus the loans can be claimed by local residents only. Unlike regular banks, they do not ask for long personal details. Instead their conditions compel the borrower to be at least 18 years old, have a valid Email address, own an active checking account and be in the state where Plain Green Loans services are available.

Loan Limit:

There are certain limits applied on the maximum receivable loan so that a lot of people can easily avail their services. Those people who wish to ask for a loan for the very first time can take home from $500 to $1000. On the other hand, repeat clients can get up to $3000. The borrowers should try to pay loans on time. This will establish a trusted relationship between both parties and will help them ask for even larger amount in future.


Plain Green Loans ask for much higher interest rates than local banks. However their absolute benefits more than make up for these charges. Interest rate falls between 210% and 438%. The official website contains a loan calculator that lets you estimate costs on the basis of loan amount and payback duration. Moreover, additional charges are applicable in case of delayed payment and skipped payment.


Plain Green Loans is a beneficial service aiming to meet customer requirements within the shortest possible time. Major advantages of the same-day loans include:


Plain Green Loans provides flexibility to borrowers for returning the loan. They can make payments as soon as possible or take longer time if necessary. There are no penalties applicable if they want to make full payment at the earliest. Bi-weekly, monthly and semi-monthly options are available that can be decided while making a loan request. Number of installments may vary, but the payment sum stays the same for all formats due to balanced interest rate.


Despite huge applicable charges, it is considered a moderately affordable loan system. The high interest rate can be dealt with by returning full payment on the very first pay date. Moreover, competitive deals are offered from time to time. These deals have large discounts and the borrowers can avail such offers to take or return loans at lowest interest rates.

Quick Response:

Plain Green loans provider quickly responds to user inquiries. Whether you want to discuss loan return policy or make payment, it can be done within a day or two. After the loan application is submitted successfully, the eligibility factor is determined in no time. Same is the case with funds receiving that does not take more than two working days. Low response time saves applicants from waiting for long and enables them to fulfill their needs as soon as they can.

Secure Funds Transfer:

Funds transfer process takes place through secure methods. The loan applicants must ensure that the entered information is valid and free from errors. Requested amount is directly transferred to the mentioned bank account on time. When due date of loan return comes, it is the responsibility of borrowers to make sure that enough amount is present in account to avoid extra charges.

No Credit Score:

This form of loan is suitable for those people who fail to maintain good credit score. There is no need to provide previous track record of loan returns. Instead they rely on current status of borrower to judge eligibility.

Credit Bureau:

The information of payments made by borrowers is reported to a reliable credit bureau. This helps with a considerable increment in credit score with time. Even if the borrowers possess a low credit score currently, they can improve by making planned payments in due time.

No Hidden Charges:

The loan providers deal with borrowers in a professional way. All applicable charges are clearly mentioned by them to facilitate clients and there are no hidden charges or fees. The upfront details help borrowers in properly estimating due payment and stay safe from sudden shock.


Although there are many benefits of this type of loan, it also has a flip side. The interest rate is extremely high that creates problem for borrowers. They are already in trouble and cannot afford to pay due to which they ask for money. But such high charges play a role in increasing their issues instead of resolving them. There are multiple other loan methods that offer loans at far lesser rates. However, those banks require guarantee and high credit score which is not possible for everyone.

Additional Considerations:

Before applying for a loan, it is recommended to focus on certain additional factors.

Overall Cost:

The whole involved costs must be determined first. Interest rate, funds transfer fee and other similar charges are to be taken into account for getting exact cost. Then this cost can be compared with other loan methods to make the right choice.

Loan Return Capability:

The customers should verify whether they will be able to return full payment in due time. All the resources from where money can be received should be analyzed for this purpose.

Timely Payments:

Another key factor is to check that all payments must be paid in time. In case of delay or unavailability of funds, additional charges apply which will only add to the problems.

Zippyloan: What is It, Why’s It Getting Popular, and Whether You Should Consider It

Everyone of us has found ourselves in a pinch where we dearly needed a lifesaving dose of extra cash to push us through. However, more often than not, getting that cash fast is a problem as loan procedures are agonizingly long. Now, since you’re here, I’m assuming you’ve been searching for quick loans and come across Zippyloan and were searching for an indepth review of the service.

You’ve come to the right place! So, without further ado, let’s get into the nitty gritty of this Zippylaon.

So what is Zippyloan?

Zippyloan is a lending service that offers customers quick cash based on a few parameters such as their monthly income, credit type and their city’s location. Funds are directly transferred to the customer without any cumbersome middlemen in between, ensuring that the borrower is satisfied. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had bad credit history in the past, Zippyloan caters to all. Everyone has their ups and downs in life, and Zipplyloan ensures that your downs don’t linger on forever. Just a quick overview of the website shows user friendly GUIs laced with easy to understand descriptions of how to avail the quick loan.

The biggest advantage with Zippyloan is that customers can get fast, real time approvals of their loans, so you wouldn’t have to spend much time on the edge of your seat waiting your loan to get approved. It’s a seamless process that works quickly and effectively.

The visit is intuitive as well. On the top right side of the page is the charming “Apply Now” button that brings users to a page where they’re prompted to fill a few forms requiring basic information such as home address, phone number, driver’s license and social security number. The entire process is done online, without contacting any middlemen in between.

One of the best things about Zippyloan is that if you have bad credit, then timely payments on their loans will ensure that your credit score gets improved. As much as $15,000 can be borrowed and you don’t have to worry about repaying it all at once. Instead various schemes can be used to return the money, the most popular being installments where you can take up as much as 60 months to pay. It is a possibility to extend your repayment time, but you will have to communicate directly with the lender.

How it all works

Once the user has submitted an online application, which usually takes around 5 minutes, Zippyloan matches the user profile with prospective lenders. Once a lender agrees to pay, an e-agreement is signed and the money is deposited directly into your bank account the next business day.

So how is Zippyloan different than any other type of loan, say one lent by a bank?

Zippyloan gives customers ‘personal loans’, these do not require any collateral to be placed in exchange of the loan, the only thing really needed is the proof that you have a stable monthly income.

So, whether you’re in a tight situation stuck with a lot of debt, need home repairs, pay your child’s tuition or even take a vacation, Zippyloan ensures that your needs are promptly satisfied and that you’re not too overburdened with repayments.

Some Reasons Why You Might Need These Loans

Paying tuition

If you’re a student that just got admitted into a university where they may even have waived off some financial responsibility, but you still cannot pay a semester’s tuition, then Zippyloan can be used to fulfill this need in a timely manner. Getting your schooling completed should always be your number one priority.

Invest in a business

Whether you’re looking to kickstart your business or save a failing one, Zippyloan can help provide the much needed investment. This is perfect for young businessmen looking to find quick money to power their businesses, you will be able to overcome the financial bottlenecks that most youngsters face before plunging into the world of business.

Dream vacation

You want to take a vacation to the Bahamas but you don’t have the quick lump sum amount to make it an enjoyable trip. Don’t fret, just hop on board the personal loan scheme and enjoy that much needed break from your regular lifestyle. Do not let your financial conditions limit your need for recreational activities! Well, as long as you know you’re good with managing your financials. You’ll have to return them once you return!

Mortgage payments

Whether you’re looking to make mortgage payments for your house or just some renovation, personal loans can help streamline the process and you wouldn’t have to miss out on any of your payments.

Medical Bills

Medical bills are the heaviest on the pockets, and sometimes hospitals are relentless when it comes to charging you thousands of dollars. When you’re facing financial hurdles these bills really start taking a toll on your psychological well-being, this is when a personal loan can come in to rescue you from the troublesome world of hospital fees.

Consolidate bad credit

Personal loans can also be used to fix bad credit. Provided you make payments on time you can easily consolidate one of the most damaging financial deficits to your name and mend relationships with banks, businesses and even personal relationships.

A wedding

Believe it or not you can even use personal loans to pay for your weddings, those expensive engagements and honeymoons to exotic places in the world can actually be paid while still having room for other financial obligations

A car – or a gadget

Does a car on the road catches your fancy, but its exorbitant rates discourage you into making the necessary payments? Well, Zippyloan can help you get the car of your dreams. The same applies to boats, bikes and enthusiast-grade electrical equipment such as game consoles.

Credit card repayment

Overusing your credit card means you end up with a large debt and an even larger interest rate, which will take years, sometimes even decades to pay back, one of the most common uses for a personal loan is to provide respite to this debt, the lower interest rates on these personal loans means that you will end up paying them back in a much shorter amount of time.

What about the website’s security?

One of the most important features about Zippyloan is its security. For this purpose, the website ensures that all exchange of data goes through 256-bit data encryption technology, away from prying eyes so that only you have access to your personal data. Most similar websites bail out on the best security features and so usually end up with shoddy results where both the lenders and the borrower end up getting scammed.

Matching buyers with lenders is what they do, and this will not be possible if security ends up being a loose cannon.

What’s the Verdict?

If you’re looking for getting quick cash, then Zippyloan is that service as long as you’re not finicky about instant customer support because they mostly reply via emails.